The Fortress Biotech Company

Fortress Biotech Inc.1The global leader in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry products, the Fortress Biotech is dedicated towards developing, acquiring and commercializing these novel products. Fortress also looks to develop and commercialize other novel products via its subsidiary companies that are referred as Fortress Companies. The company along with its internal examination and audit also contributes in research and development of its partner companies by lending both its business expertise and drug production expertise. Additionally, the company also looks after legal matters of its subsidiary companies by indulging in partnerships, acquisitions and joint ventures and letting them acquire both private and public funding to accelerate the growth of the growth and rapid development progress of its programs initiated.


The extensive business strategy covers all the aspects of the portfolio of both the marketed and the developing products that have been proposed thereby allowing both Fortress and its allied companies to keep track of its long term revenue scale for its stakeholders to have interest. The biotech company maintains an economic interest in its development programs via royalty rights that have equity stakes in products being developing by the Fortress owned companies. To maintain quality assurance in drug development the Fortress Biotech companies have specialized management teams and service arrangement to cater the needs of ensuring uncompromised quality being delivered.

Fortress Biotech Inc. Infographic1

Investments and Developments:

New investments in array of different innovation technologies with clinical and commercial potential provides a great flexibility as the company is agnostic in the therapeutic areas. With a streamlined structure placed, it helps in breaking through the deals and enabling them to take advantage of the most profitable time sensitive deals from the corporate and financial perspective with a wide range of options in line for product development candidate. The company also aims to expand its synergies towards all its allied subsidiary and owned companies under Fortress. With a lot of collaboration and team building opportunities, the employees are given the right environment to experiment and contemplate upon each product development. By providing its companies with skills and expertise in various fields, the Biotech Company along with its allies work in tandem on different projects that eventually accelerates the drug development by promoting the best in the market practice.

Based in New York, it has relished the change in drug industry by introducing ground breaking biotechnology products and drugs being extracted. It has been a pioneer since its inception and has grown exponentially with its group of companies.